Hello! We are The Little Game Factory.
We make mobile, web and PC games.

On our website we publish webGL games created with the Unity Game Engine.

All games on our website can be played for free.

Some of our games can also be played on mobile devices. In order to play webGL games on your mobile device you need a device with a relatively modern GPU and CPU.

We have implemented some features to enhance the gaming experience on our website:

Fullscreen mode
All our games can be played in full screen mode.
(The games are displayed in full screen up to a certain maximum resolution and keep their original aspect ratio)

Zoom In/Out
You can use the Zoom In function to increase the gaming performance.
The Zoom In mode reduces the resolution of the game, therefore it is rendered in a slightly lower quality.

Reduce/Enlarge the game area
Besides the Zoom In/Out mode you can also reduce the screen size of the game to increase the gaming performance.

AmbientLight mode
Some of our games support the so-called AmbienLight mode. In this mode, an area around the screen is illuminated with the appropriate colors of the game. This mode is to be considered more as an experimental gimmick. But it can be fun to turn this effect on in some games.