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An account provides you with the following features:

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  3. By earning achievement points, you can unlock additional backgrounds for your profile.
  4. Additionally, with an account, you can customize your own avatar and choose your unique profile name.

Currently, we offer the following Patreon memberships:

Basic: With the Basic membership, you can enjoy all games and the entire website without ads.

Prime: With the Prime membership, you not only get an ad-free experience but also unlock additional games that are exclusive to Prime and Supreme members.

Supreme: In addition to the benefits of a Prime membership, the Supreme membership offers you extra options to customize your avatar and gives you access to exclusive backgrounds for your profile page.


Please note:

There will be no games available exclusively to Prime members until January 1, 2024. All games on thelittlegamefactoy.com will be free to play until then. This means that the Prime membership will not offer any immediate benefits during this period. The Prime games will be selected in early 2024 from the website’s existing and ever-expanding selection of games. Until then, if you would like to support us on Patreon, we recommend the BASIC membership for an ad-free experience.

Thank you for your support and enjoy the games!


If you have created an account on the website, you can log in. To do this, click on Login in the main menu.

Once you are logged in, you will see the View Profile option in the main menu. Click on it to access your profile.

Next to your avatar, you will find a Settings icon. Click on it to access your profile settings.

In your profile settings, you currently have the following options available:

Edit Avatar: Here you can create and save your profile picture or avatar.

Change Background: Select your background image for your profile here.

Edit Account: You can change your profile name and email address here.

Change Password: This is where you can change your password.

General Settings: Here you can find additional settings for your profile.

Please note that when logging in, you must use either your email address or the username you provided during registration.

The profile name cannot be used for logging in. Make sure you are using the correct email address or username to access your account successfully.


If a game is stuttering or running with low FPS, you have a few options to make the game smoother.

1) In all games, you have the option of Resolution Scaling. To access it, click on the Settings icon in the Gamebar and then choose a value under Resolution Scaling.
By selecting a value of 0.5, for example, the game’s resolution will be halved. The game may not look as visually appealing, but it should run much smoother.

2) For optimal game performance, always play games in fullscreen mode. WebGL Mobile Games always run in fullscreen mode, while WebGL Desktop Games can also be played in a smaller window on the website. To switch to fullscreen mode, please click on the Fullscreen icon in the Gamebar.

3) In some games, you can adjust the display quality as well. Click on the Settings icon in the Gamebar and choose a value, such as Min, under Quality.

You can also view the current resolution and FPS at which the game is running by clicking on the Settings icon in the Gamebar and enabling Show FPS or Show Resolution by setting them to On.

We’ve made this intentional decision so that you can initiate the game loading by clicking on the Click here to start loading button, allowing you to be mindful of your data usage, especially on mobile devices.

To play a WebGL Mobile Game on our website, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the graphic labeled Click here to start loading to initiate the game loading process.
  2. After the game has loaded, click on the graphic with the Play button to switch your smartphone to fullscreen mode, providing you with an optimal gaming experience.

On Android systems, we recommend using the website with the Google Chrome browser or the Samsung Internet browser for the best experience.

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On iOS mobile devices, we recommend using the website with Apples Safari browser or Google Chrome for the best experience.

Apple Safari
Google Chrome

Yes, that is of course possible. To use the site as a Progressive Web App (PWA), we recommend Google Chrome browser or Samsung Internet browser on Android.

For iOS devices, we recommend Safari browser or Google Chrome browser.

To add the website as a Progressive Web App to your home screen either click the corresponding button in the browser settings or use the “Install Web App” button at the bottom of our website (WebGL Games / WebGL Mobile Games).


Using an Ad-Blocker on our website is against our Terms & Conditions.

We kindly request that you refrain from using an Ad-Blocker. In order to provide new games and further develop the website, we rely on revenue from advertisements or support through Patreon memberships.

If we detect users using an Ad-Blocker on our site, we reserve the right to take the following measures:

EXCLUSION FROM CERTAIN GAMES: thelittlegamefactory.com may, at its sole discretion, exclude users with ad-blockers from accessing certain games or all games available on our website.

ADDITIONAL ADVERTISEMENTS: Alternatively, thelittlegamefactory.com may choose to display additional advertisements or increase the frequency of advertisements for users with ad-blockers. These additional advertisements will not be blocked by ad-blockers and may be displayed during gameplay or in between game sessions.

ACCOUNT SUSPENSION: thelittlegamefactory.com reserves the right to suspend or deactivate user accounts found to be using ad-blockers in violation of our Terms & Conditions. This may result in the loss of access to all games and services offered on our website.

We value your understanding and cooperation in supporting our website and helping us provide enjoyable gaming experiences for all users. Thank you for your continued support!